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出生於香港,現職IT有關工作.學生時期曾有機會學習攝影,但由於家人反對,成為一個遺憾.於一九九七年開始接觸攝影,完成其少年時的夢想.二零零四年第一次參加攝影比賽 " 2004年香港河溪攝影比賽河溪生態組" 榮獲冠軍.工餘時間幫助團體拍攝或錄像工作.


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Monique Chu wrote a comment on June 20, 2007

Dear Mr Wong,

I am a reporter for a subscription based English children’s newspaper called Daily 7 and Daily 10 in Hong Kong. We are now doing a feature on ????????? and we found you have taken some really good pictures of them. We are wondering if we can publish your photos in the issue. we are happy to give you credit for the pics.

Thank you
Best regards,

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